Wednesday, February 25, 2009

After Tax Time

Yes, the Robins are coming back to the Midwest, Still snow on the ground but melting. Spring is coming.
Just finished all the number crunching that comes with tax time. It is always such a stressful time for me. I procrastinate doing the P & L and I still haven't got the hang of Quick Books, so I do things by the old way. After a Long Island Ice Tea, I review the past year and it always holds such great surprises. We moved this past year to a higher lease payment, more room, much better location and added great new consigners. So much has change in six years of doing business. The knowledge, trials and tribulations of retail are always changing and challenging. But we keep on keeping on, Why? To bring the Northwest Ohio area with the best name brands for less. To allow consigners to sell their items in a fabulous store atmosphere. It is a eye opener to learn what worked last year and what didn't. I love writing down the goals for the new years.
This year we will add more jewelry, new "Switch Flops" display, more accessories like purses, wallets and sunglasses. We will continue with TV Advertising and try Radio advertising. We will try to update our Website with buying opportunities, implement more "After Hours Parties", and as always, Add more FUNK! Fashion, Furiture & Funk!