Thursday, October 27, 2011

Peace N Quiet-Love the birds

Great blue huron, fishing. I love when they shrink down and their neck is "S" shape. 
Ospray with fish in his talons often mistaken for eagles.  They are both big birds.  So much fun to watch dive for their supper.

Coots love to dive for supper.  I love watching them.  We have about 400 on the lake right now. funny white beak.
The pictures above were taken from others, but this is a sunset from my lake.  I'm not good at taking pics of flying objects yet. 
So much new waterfowl came to the lake yesterday.  Migration time.  Love it. 
My 'DREAM COME TRUE" location in my new home is just a wonderful peaceful place.  I could watch the water all day without radio, tv, or other noise.  The Ospray has been such a great source of joy.  It flys and climbs high above the lake,, scanning for the small movement of a fish,  flaps his wings and dives straight down and grabs it catch in its talons.  The only bird that does this.  They often are mistaken for eagles, but they have a white underbelly but their nest are made of twigs in high trees like cottonwoods which is just what the eagles do also.