Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer of 2013

Many people have been asking about my fiber art and what have I been doing all summer. As you know I have been bless with living on a lake.  This is the view from my living room.  It was taken early spring and the pink dogwood was not in bloom yet.  But I took this pic and I am turning it into a landscape wall hanging.  I have been experimenting with curved piecing.  I will post it when I am finished with it. I think it is starting out quite well. 

The other thing I have been doing is finishing up my double quilt for my granddaughter Adeline. This quilt is taking me longer than I thought.  My sweet sixteen has been giving me trouble ( the timing is off) and has been in the shop twice now.

 So the quilting was pushed back, but I have been encourage by a wonderful quilter who does most on her quilting on her home machine. My facebook friend, Rhianon Taylor My friend Rhianon Taylor  @    She just purchased a long arm, but still is returning to her home machine (Bernina) because she can get more control with it at this point.   So I have been quilting Addy's quilt on my Bernina.  My goal is to get it done this week-besides she's been asking for it.

Another technique I have been trying to learn is Confetti Quilting.  (Very trying project for me.)  It is using little cut up fabrics as your paint colors to transform into a pic.  Yeah right!   Here is a professional one done by the lady who is famous for it - Take a look, now look at my start.  
Ok, you can tell I have a long way to go.  Oh well, This really is not my cup of tea.  Way to tedious.  And one more thing, I have been having a great time dying my own fabric about 10 yards of it.  Sorry no pictures other than the piece above.  So I will be using a plain background for this confetti quilt and same this great orange/yellow piece for something else.  
Only as a sidelight: I also had a beautiful grandson, Colin, born 7/2/13, 10lbs 8 oz to my daughter and son in law.  My granddaughter, Adeline, also had 2 operation to save her 3 fingers which were severed in a accident, but they are all healed and working now due to some very fine doctors in Toledo Children's Hospital and Michigan Children's Hospital.  So this has been a busy summer.