Thursday, January 13, 2011

To all my many Friends

A whole day for Art- I snow dyed fabric and  made lollipops for the Smashees Workshop I am taking from Shelagh Folgate from England.  Also I have been painting my Living Room a Light/Medium Grey called Seattle Gray from Benjamin Moore. .  Everyone thinks I am nuts because it is so grey here in Northwest Ohio.  But I love it, It is clean and Contempary looking. 

Lollipops made from Paper Water Soluable sewing and torn paper inked with Tee Juice. I love this look.

Wool Roving on Fabric Water Soluable to be sewn and made into lollipops too. 

I started a new 2011 Art Blog.  This will showcase my art work and Future.  I will continue making my dreams come true a personal blog, but my professional artistic blog will be under the enclosed link.  Please become a friend and always leave comments because I really appreciate them.  
I have had a busy holiday with lots of company, parties, and fabulous grandbabies.  Family is so cool.

Dancing at Loma Linda's