Thursday, May 24, 2012

Miracle Mother and Son Quilts

Scrappy Quilts for Miracle Mom and Son Nando 1st quilt

Jennie's quilt

Orange Verigated thread

 back of Jennie's quilt, Cross of Jesus

Close up of stitching, Lots of little tiny circles for little tiny miracles.

This will be a long post.  The Last two months have been a very difficult one for the Billups/Clark Family.  Jennie Billups/Clark was not feeling well with her 3rd pregnancy, Her hubby had taken their two other girls to the doctor, who were not feeling well either. While he was gone, Jennie had a stroke from Preclampsia - high blood pressure.  The nightmare began-  Their 3rd child, a boy, Fernando, (Nando) was delivered 2 months early to save Jennie and his life.  He weighted 2lb 6 oz, I think, and Jennie, after 2 seizures, slipped into a coma for several weeks, over a month.  My heart went out to my friends and it took me right back to when my 12 year old son fell off a high dive and hit a pipe into his head.     LIFE STOPS!  
Nothing matters anymore:  Only Prayer, Waiting, Feeling Helpless, Listening, Not Sleeping, Wondering, Lost, and more Prayer.  So my Prayer quilts were born.  I grab colors that spoke to me from my scraps, happy colors, and it was so important to represent hope, love, and miracles.  It also had to be made from scraps because life is a patchwork of pieces, some square, some wonky but it all works together to show beauty in the raw.
It has been 2 months now, Nando is coming home from the hospital, almost 5 lbs and growing fast, Jennie is working hard at physical therapy, learning to speak, count, lift her limbs and make them move and through all of this she Laughs.  Yes Laughs!, Smile, Giggle!    We are having a baby shower on Sat at the Rehab and her son will be there too.  God is so Good.
Remember Life can stop at any moment: Embrace each moment, Savor each hug, Listen to each laugh and Know that God is in control.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Keep on Keeping on!.

Etsy Account

Well, I am trying to start a store on Etsy.  I haven't been doing well, but there are lots of reasons for that.  I have been reviewing what my work is all about.  I love to do so many things, jewelry making, fiber art, quilting, painting, writing and taking care of others that my mind whirls with all the many projects that I have started, that I have put aside, that I am in the active making of it.  Color seems to inspire me the most.  But color also jumps my brain from one side to the other.  Opposites!,  Love the combination, rotation, obliteration.  Does it sound like I am dysfunctional,    Well, I am.  Prozac to the rescue!    I really think most of us "Artsy Types" are dysfunctional in a functional way.  We do get things done in their own time.  We do multi task, maybe not always very well, but we do it anyway.
So the reason for this post is to say, I am here in Holland, Ohio, living on a lake, watching the bass fisherman, eagle fly high and grey heron and mallard ducks wade on my shore.  They grubs are destroying my lawn, my mother still has Alzheimer, my father in law is marrying someone my age and my dear mother in law just passed away a year ago, my son got his 4 DUI, and my dog is still living after two seizures.  But life is good, everything is fleeting and God is in control.  I'll keep on keeping on!