Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fiber Arts Group of NW Ohio

Yesterday was a great day at STITCH Bernina Shoppe in Toledo, Ohio. It is Allison Fox 2nd shop and it is so much fun.  We have started a new Fiber Arts group that will meet every 2nd Tuesday morning of the month.  So next one will be Oct 11, but before than on Oct 4th we are having a special meeting and will be doing Parfait /Dyeing on Cotton.  Registration is required, please call at 419 517 7092.  These are some of my examples of parfait dyeing.  Enjoy.  I have so many new colors and moods with my new fabrics, Now what should I do with them.  Quilts, Softies, lap quilts, Art quilt??????      I learned this way of dyeing from Shelagh Folgate http://www.shelaghfolgate but there are many books out there that will help you too.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mountain Dew and Imagaination

Long time no post and for good reason,  My dreams have come true.

My new view. 


my blues and purples and pinks

orange, yellow and blues.
My day today was spent in lots of color.  Rainbows of color, dyes, fabric and the wonder of it all.  It is so exciting to see the results of surprise parfair dying.  Do I have a quilt in mind?  Yes, I do, I love the wonder of the lake, seaweed, or should I say Lakeweed, browm muscrats, fish with tinged of blue/green flash, white m\n grey ospray's, brown/green ducks, black n white canadian geese and blue sky and tan sand, lush green trees, lime green weeds and purple flowers.  My DREAM come true!   I am here and this is mine, all mine and paid for!.  Ownership is such a wonderful thing.  Thank you GOD!.  and Thank you Helen and Irene!.