Friday, April 30, 2010

Shelagh Folgate's blog link

I hope her link is included this time.  She is a wonderful teacher and starting a new creative challenge group next month.  Sign up and free your mind.  Meet creative people all over the world and learn together.     

Creative Challenge

I am so thankful for a wonderful teacher, Shelagh Folgate.  Her blogspot is above and our yahoo group is linked at the bottom.  I am at the crossroads of my life.  Grandbabies coming out fast (3), my Consignment Shop that I owned for 7 years hit bottom, Hubby is ready to retire or maybe not, a home I wanted all my life slipped through my fingers and was purchased by someone else before we could sell ours. But then Shelagh came along and gave me a purpose using my creative side of my brain and I could see a new direction in my life.  You may be asking yourself, what is all that stuff in the pictures.  HA-I don't know, but by the end of the week I will.  Stay tuned and find out.
 This has been the most fun I have had! Shelagh Folgate, a fabulous teacher from the UK.  and to think all this was free.  I learned to granite stitch, using unusual (to me) fabrics, organza, metallic threads, skeleton leaves, paper, ribbon, multi color threads and re-awoken my imagination. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring fun Jewelry

Sewing Charm Bracelet (French General)

MySpring Bracelet Designs

Arizonia Rock Bracelet with earrings.

I took to making jewelry today,  I finished a metal vintage button sewing charm braclet that I pictured in my layout pic.  It was fun and I purchased some of the findings from www.  Then I dug into my bead box and took out some other braclets that I finished in the past, a lime green pink Spring braclet and an Arizonia rock bracelet with earrings.  .  I am not a very good picture taker, I need to improve so the detail of the beads so up.  I was watching a video on on making fabric beads so I will work on creating those next, I have so much fabric.  Check back to see them.