Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Feeling Better all the time

Well, the Health Department called.  The hospital reported my condition and they want to see if their is other people who have come down with this food poisioning.  After an hour interview on the phone, they feel I did not get it from the cooked turkey breast that was out dated.  Either I contacted it from swimming in a lake infected with the bacteria, or my cat ate a bird who was infected and I cleaned the cat box, or my feeling was my chickens who might be infected.  (I did not tell them I had chickens)  But birds of all kinds, ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys carry the bacteria, sometime it affects them sometimes not, and it is in their waste.  So after discussing this with my sister, who raises chickens and have never gotten sick, and after speaking with the farm I purchased the chickens from, I gave the chickens back to them, who will seperate them for observation, and take a sample from them the the University of Bowling Green to have them checked for the bacteria. 
I am sad without my chickens, but I do not want any of my grandchildren getting this bateria. 
I am back to creating a dress for Emma, fixing a groom's mothers dress for their wedding this weekend, blogging and doing a lot of yard work and expanding my small patio.  So things are back to normal, whaterever normal is. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back from the hospital bed!

This is one of my adventures that is not a nice one!  I got kicked in the stomach by the food poisioning called  "Campylobacteriosis".  And I wasn't even camping.  Eating a pre-processed turkey breast cooked in the crockpot at home.  It started on July 14th evening, ( I will save your from the nasty details, to say the least, it wasn't pretty)  I reached 202.8 on the thermometer that night with cramping & etc.  I went to doctors the next day, after that, I went to lab, I ended up deathly dehydrated, very low potassium count, eratic heartbeat in the hospital ER on Sat, July 17.  To say the least I couldn't even lift my head.  On July 18th, test results came back, so an antibiodic was finally given.  I have lost 10lbs. Finally, today, July 20th, I got out of bed, but just to get more blood work done to make sure potassium levels have risen.  I am finally feeling much better, but now I am afraid to eat anything.  But I'm still not hungry, but I'm having yogurt, melon, scrambled eggs, toast and lots of GatorAid. 
I know I am not the first that has had this, but it threw me for a loop de loop!
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, review all cautionary information about keeping your area clean where      you are cooking, checking all expiration dates on the products and throw them away, Wash your hands and all your food, including fruits and vegtables.     Don't get lazy, this bacterial can kill in someone not healthy to begin with, the elderly or the young. 

"Campylobacteriosis: Disease caused by Campylobacter jejuni, now the leading cause of bacterial food poisoning, most often spread by contact with raw or undercooked poultry. A single drop of juice from a contaminated chicken is enough to make someone sick with Campylobacteriosis.
Campylobacteriosis usually strikes only one person or a few people at a time. A common way to become infected is to cut poultry meat on a cutting board, and then use the unwashed cutting board or utensil to prepare vegetables or other raw or lightly cooked foods. The Campylobacter organisms from the raw meat can then spread to the other foods. The organism is not usually spread from person to person, but this can happen if the infected person is a small child or is producing a large volume of diarrhea." From   

i heart fiber art      

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two "C's" Chickens, Creating

The Chicken Coop is done, thank you hubby!  He did a much better job than me, oh course, he could find the right tools.  The Three Haines girls are doing well.  They are trying to get through this 90 degree weather.  The favorite spot is on the grass under the ladder with their mouths open.  Chicken's don't sweat they say.  Cleo wants to chase them.  "Ok, girl, quit barking"  I can't believe I have chickens; they are fun.  Maybe I am a farmgal after all. 

CREATING:  My new Project for Again I have no clue what this will become, but I am stretching my chicken wings learning, hand dyeing, hand embellishing, and tension play.  Check back to see what this will become.  It is a mystery.  The colors in the 1st pictures are more exact and to me they look like the stratus, or layers of the Grand Canyon, what do you think?  Leave me a message! I would love to hear from you!   Chris