Monday, January 13, 2014

FREEDOM My word of the year.

Freedom to Fly.
Freedom to Live.

This is going to be a exciting year.  I have broken free from my chains. Chains of should do's, chains of have to's, chains of need too.  It may seem strange to many of you, but being a mom, daughter and now grandmother, I have been there for all of my family's needs.  That was my priority, other's needs before mine.  And that will still be a priority but what has changed is choice. A choice to choose to have freedom to do whatever I choose.  I took away the must do's.  The rules.  The should's.  

This is the year my youngest will get married and move out into his own home.

 This is the year my oldest is having his 3rd child.  This is the year my husband of 39 years is retiring from his present job with the teamsters. Freedom. Letting go of children living in the home.  Letting go of the daily routine of my husband going to work.  Freedom to go or do what ever we want.  Freedom to blossom. Smell the roses. Discover new places.
Visit old and make new friends.  

Squeeze all our love ones.
Freedom to breathe.   
Road Trip!