Saturday, October 23, 2010

Green 'Fried Tomatoes

No, I never like them before,  Poor man's food,  but tonight I fried them with Penko Flacks and Potatoe Cakes, and fried beef leftovers.   I loved all the olive oil fried foods. Hit the spot.   Sorry I didn't take a picture.  My DH ate them before I could.  My DD  (Dear Daughter) took my 2nd Bernina Sewing Machine I purchased in my life time.  It is a Embellisher and I told her it was hers, but it would stay at my house, and she could use it here.  BUT she is making a monkey halloween costume for my favorite grandson, AIDAN, which is in the blue jammies above.  with his cousins, Emma, and Adeline.  SO I let her take the machine home.  I am glad she wants to use it.  I miss it ,but it is hers.  I am so glad she got a Bernina before I did, way before I did.  Love you Angie.  YOur Mommy loves you.  Always know that.   ME

Friday, October 22, 2010

Time to Blog

The Link above is for my favorite class in Fiber Art.  I joined "The Smashees"  Click on the link to join too.  It is 8 months of learning, sewing, painting, dyeing from one of the most creative people I know.  Only 20 Pounds in England and about $36.42 in US Dollars.  I can't wait for this to start. So much to learn, so little time to learn it.  Also check out for all her wonderful work and learn a little about her. 
Sunny and very orange, red, tan, yellow, turning, twirling, flying and dropping leaves in all their glory in NW Ohio.   
I would show you a picture of my trees but the computer hasn't been co operating.  Well in reality, nothing seems to be going right. 
The bank won't let me in with on line banking because my mother wasn't with me to ok it and my name is not on her account but she is 86, knows nothing about computer's, my sister name is on the account, but she is 62 and can not figure out how to do on line banking, so what the f.    
"Join me in the craziness" or NOT!
My two computer won't down load PDF's, one downloads, but won't open, one open's but can't send it to the printer.  Problems, Situations, Go figure.  I can't?