Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Getting older and getting better!

Well, I joined the hearing loss club about 10 years ago.  One evening I was at a local watering hole, aka bar, when one minute I was hearing fine and the next I couldn't hear out of my left ear.  After many tests, hearing and scans and blood work, no one could fine the reason for the loss.  So off I was sent to a hearing center.  The good news was that I had great health insurance and I would receive $1,000 for the purchase of a hearing aid.  So after researching and trying many types of hearing aids, the $1,000 one did nothing more than scream in my ear. Oh course, the $5,000 one work great.  So with 4 kids at home, college zooming, I declined the offer to purchase.

A few times since then I have had appointments with all those storefront hearing centers that pop up all over town.  One gentleman had me in such a hard sell technique, that I asked him if he sold cars before this because he sound so much like a car salesman and not a hearing specialist.  He got mad and threw me, yes threw me, out of his office.  Well I wasn't upset, I was so glad to get away from his greedy little selling options.
Well, years have passed, and when I was at my lawyers office, I notice she had hearing aids on.  She told me where she got them and she was so excited that she could hear normal again.  She had ringing in both her ears and some hearing loss.  She was so excited about her experience that I thought, well maybe, I would address my problem again.

Today was the day of the rest of my life.  I want to scream it, but not too loud, please.  I CAN HEAR AGAIN.

Hear it is, John put me in one and it cost me $45.00 for Sam's membership.  The Liberty hearing aid costs me total $1800.00.  for 4 year warranty and 1 year lost replacement.  My insurance will re-emburse me for $1,000.  Out of pocket is the Sam's membership and $800.00. 

I am so happy I can hear.  I turned down the radio in my car several degrees as soon as I got in.  I kept thinking the car door was open because I could hear outside the car.  When I watched TV tonight, I told my hubby to turn down the TV.  He turned it down so it sounded fine to me, but now he couldn't hear it.  He even told me to take the hearing aid out.  HeHe.  

Lesson learned:  Don't give up.  Keep trying to find solutions to your challenges.  There is always a way.  Persevere!        Thank you John at Spring Meadows Sam's Club, Holland, Ohio.