Monday, January 25, 2010

Time for Change

Time is moving along, January 2010 is almost gone and Feb is coming.  I have finished shutting down consignment shop Just For You Too and helped a new shop open up.  

I feel so much freedom, and load lifted off my shoulders, calming sensation and lots of creativity activity.  Sewing, Quilting, Applique, dying fabric, drawing, listening to my heart beat.  I am missing a work routine, but I need to sit still, go with the flow of my life and listen to the future. 

I am so excited daily with my brain waves.  My mind is full of ideas, want to do's, and watching my 3 grandbabies learn something new each day and see the delight in their eyes.  Adeline (5 months) has two teeth that just came through and her tongue is just wigglying in her mouth feeling this new sensation and biting grandma's finger.  Emma (3yrs) wants her outside time, winter stay in has been taking a toll on her and she wants a playground.  Let's move, Let's walk, she says.  Aiden (7 weeks) can get enough sensual sensation.  Colors, Movements, Smells, Touch, Faces, Sounds.  (What's that, Where did that sound come from, "I can turn my head".)   Become a child again and experience life again! 

Friday, January 8, 2010


New Year, New Me! 2010, No "Just For You, Too Consignment Shop" Shut down due to economy, construction out front of shop to go on another year, owner burnout, expenses>profit, and most important, shoppers are so rude. (arguementive, cheap, selfish, crabby, unhappy) I know things are bad, I know people have no jobs, less money, higher expenses, so do I as a shop owner, trying to put a husband, 2 kids to work and keep a family together to get through this together. And we will get through this, but not working for shoppers who think it is all about them. And yes, customer know best, but you don't have to take daily rudeness.
I am moving on and so are my husband, who is out of work and shoveling snow, my son who works only 2 days a week now, my daughter who is a mecanical engineer had a son and choosing to stay at home and raise him instead of a daycare provider. ME????? I don't know, I can't get unemployement, I didn't pay into unemployment because I never made any money to pay into it, I paid everyone else. I learned alot and I am glad I did it. I made my dream come true, but my dream just didn't turn out like I thought it would. So goes life.