Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sweltering July Challeges

YES, IT IS HOT.  As they report in Florida, BSI, Body Sweat Index.  (I haven't looked it up yet in Google to see what it really means)  It is northern Ohio here, but temperature will be in the 90's and humid again today.

                                     My Morning Visitor, Mr. Grey Huron 

Summer is in full swing, Backyard Parties,

 Laying in Sun with my Girlfriend, Boat Parades,

 Fishing and having fun with the Grandkids. 

My July Challenge is to

Monday, June 13, 2016


Two Human Emotions. 
 Pick the one you want your life to live through. 
How do you do this? 
 Sometimes it is very hard,
 You see someone do something that you don't like?,
 An event happens that makes you want to fight back, 
 A person hurts you to your very core and you want to hurt back, 
 You feel worthless, you want to hurt back.  
Your life has no meaning, you want it to mean something.  
Life hits you with a bad episode of life? You feel helpless? 


Some say, "Don't sweat the small stuff and it is all small stuff"
Some say, "Pray and God will change your heart"
Some say, "Fast, Get down on your knees and look to Allah" 
Some say, "Give your heart to Jesus, He paid the price for our sins"
Some say, "Make your self happy anyway you want"
Some say "Go out and buy a gun and kill"
Some say " Calm yourself and meditate, Center you mind"
Some say" Hey he hurt me, my family or doesn't something I don't like,  I will get them back"
Some say, "My life don't matter, so what"
Some say, " They did that to me, I will love them no matter what?  It may not change them but it will change my heart and Love conquers all." That's what I say!

What do you say?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weird Stuff, or should I say weird feelings.

I cried alot last night.  The tears would not stop coming. I think I went thru at least 10 Kleenex.  My eyes were almost swollen shut when I woke up in the morning. I used eyes drops several times today, cold compresses and rested my eyes with little naps.  They still hurt tonight.

What is the cause of my eye drips?  Children, yes, children,  they grow too fast, you do the best you can as a parent, you and them survive ICU's, Graduations, teacher's meetings, arguments, worrying and then they fly the coop.  As a parent you still pray, suggest, help financial, and pray some more.  They find love,  get a job, buy a car, a house, have a kid in any kind of order these days and you hope you did your best.  Then years later you find out things they they didn't tell you.  I asked myself, where was I when all this happened and I didn't have a clue.  And then it HIT ME!  I really don't know you after all these years, 30 to be exact.  I guess I have better listen more, apologize more, learn more and forgive more.    My tears have stopped, my eyes will feel alot better tomorrow.  I will continue to pray, let God lead them and teach them better than I ever could.  And most of all still love them.  

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Time Shares, Hate or Love

I find that you either hate or love time shares, their concept, their restrictions, their price and their sometime complicated booking process.
Well, we love our Blue Green Time Share.  We brought in a small package at 8,000 point every other year.  But what they didn't really tell us, and we didn't think to ask was that this was really not enough for what we thought we could do.  It gave us about 4 days away a year.  Of course that depends on if it doing the week or weekend, during red time, or high red time.  We were just starting our retirement and we wanted at least 4 weeks in Florida during Feb and March.
We looked into rental, looking into buying, looked in more points at Bluegreen and spoke with lots of people about what they do.  We didn't want property to worry about if we were only going to stay for 3-4 months in a warmer state.  We didn't want to limit ourselves to one spot at one particular time.
So we focused on what did we want.  We wanted to go whenever we wanted to, where ever we wanted to and  stay in places that had a kitchen so we could cook if we wanted to and had laundry facilities on location.  So with our little 8,000 points, we stayed at The Fountains in Orlando, FL for 3 days free,
Tradewinds on St. Petersburg Beach FL for 8 days, 4 of those days were bonus days,
5 days in Harbor Lights, Myrtle Beach, SC and 3 days at Shenandoah Valley, VA.  This was in a two year time span and we would of never done it if we hadn't purchased into BlueGreen,  We eventually purchased 10,000 more points every year.  And this year we have gone to Aruba
and Marathon Keys, Florida.  We are very please with our Timeshare.
We love the sun, beach and water.  Well and Pina Colata  too! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Many faces of the Lake and Sky

The reflections of the skies on the rippling water or frozen ice is mesmerizing in all seasons.  
Nature's Colors in all it's glory.

Sunset in Autumn

Sunset in Early Winter
Grey Winter Ice Over 
Pink and Purple Skies

Warm Orange Glow
Good Night.
My Dream was to live near water and I found Hidden Harbour and moved there.  It is a  private man made lake, sand pit really, with 67 acres.  Only electric pontoon boats, kayaks, wind boards, stand up boards or paddle boats allowed. Dreams do come true.  Make your dream come true and share it with me!