Saturday, May 21, 2016

Time Shares, Hate or Love

I find that you either hate or love time shares, their concept, their restrictions, their price and their sometime complicated booking process.
Well, we love our Blue Green Time Share.  We brought in a small package at 8,000 point every other year.  But what they didn't really tell us, and we didn't think to ask was that this was really not enough for what we thought we could do.  It gave us about 4 days away a year.  Of course that depends on if it doing the week or weekend, during red time, or high red time.  We were just starting our retirement and we wanted at least 4 weeks in Florida during Feb and March.
We looked into rental, looking into buying, looked in more points at Bluegreen and spoke with lots of people about what they do.  We didn't want property to worry about if we were only going to stay for 3-4 months in a warmer state.  We didn't want to limit ourselves to one spot at one particular time.
So we focused on what did we want.  We wanted to go whenever we wanted to, where ever we wanted to and  stay in places that had a kitchen so we could cook if we wanted to and had laundry facilities on location.  So with our little 8,000 points, we stayed at The Fountains in Orlando, FL for 3 days free,
Tradewinds on St. Petersburg Beach FL for 8 days, 4 of those days were bonus days,
5 days in Harbor Lights, Myrtle Beach, SC and 3 days at Shenandoah Valley, VA.  This was in a two year time span and we would of never done it if we hadn't purchased into BlueGreen,  We eventually purchased 10,000 more points every year.  And this year we have gone to Aruba
and Marathon Keys, Florida.  We are very please with our Timeshare.
We love the sun, beach and water.  Well and Pina Colata  too!