Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Son in Law's Gardening Experience this year.

I would like you to meet Mike and my wonderful daughter Angela. What a wonderful couple they have become. Through many trials, changes in living arrangements and good old solid love, These two have started a beautiful life together. They love to garden and have been learning so many great tricks and sources of gardening information. One of their most proud vegetable they have produced has been my fabulously funny grandson, Aidan-their little sprout.
But back to their gardening experience.  As you may recall, last year, Mike had many trials with his sowing seeds experiments.  You may click over to last year's blog release.
Well, this year, Mike learned to start a little later on his seeds, but he did purchase some new growing lights.  He read, he interneted, he browsed web sites, he did his homework.  He is very much an analytical type of guy.  He is so smart sometimes it scares me. He works on computers at U of M, does that tell you anything.  I am so proud of him. 
As with last year, he planted several different tomatoes and peppers.This year was a real challenge, They knew they were going to be moving to Michigan on their journal through life, so the plants had to be container plants.  Container plants have certain challenges to helping them succeed, water, soil conditions, size of container, etc.  But these tiny seeds grew so loving under his tender hand, but they reached for the light a little too fast and got pitched in the garbage cause they did just look right, just like last year.  So he shopped, Web-sited, visited gardening places and picked just the right seedlings for his container garden in his basement with the growing light. 
During all this time, I prepared a small new garden bed at my new home for my side garden.  I am not allowed to have a garden on my lot due to deed restrictions and association rules.  So I asked both of my neighbors, who agreed to be quiet, in my quest for a little fresh vegetables and herbs as long as I shared with them. Of course, I had to be fancy,  I got my plants from a small greenhouse who specializes in organic non-gmo seeds.  I added peat, new soil, coffee grounds (my mother always did this) to the sandy soil.  Then it was ready to plant the new seedlings.  I planted tomatoes, 3 varieties, onions, lettuce, peppers, broccoli and brussels sprouts.     
They all grew thru the hot and dry spring & thru the extremely hot and arid summer, the container plants at their new home and my plants on the side of the house.  I will post tomorrow with pictures of our plants to show you the progress and the results.  (Just a preview-Mike's plants came out better) He is a genius. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Three little kittens who stole my heart.

Spot, Whitey and Casper

Learning to play

Two weeks ago, three kittens entered my heart,  My son, Aaron, found them on his new property in an old log.  It was a very hot 100 degree day and they were sleeping.  We soon found out the the neighbor's barn cat gave birth on the other neighbor's property but the moma cat moved the kittens to Aaron's property.  But soon the neighbor, who housed the barn cat moma, decided that she was mean and shot and killed her.  My heart broke.  I swepted them up, put them in a box, gave them water and took them home to see if I could save them.  Two weeks later, after feeding them with a dropper, teaching them to suck on a bottle, I am glad to announce that they are alive and happy.  Of course, they miss there mommy, but I am doing the best I can.  And they are growing,  Their eyes are open bright, Whitey has saphire blue eyes.  Their ears are perky and their nails are sharp.  They are certainly a handful especially when they wake up at 6:00am to eat.  Now they are climbing out of the box and starting to use the litter box that is within their sleeping area.  My DH and I are falling in love.  I hope after 2-3 more weeks, I will be able to give them away.  We have two other cats, who do not tolerate the kittens at all.