Thursday, November 29, 2012

The future is here now!

I am so excited.  Facebook is now hooked up with Skype and the other day as I was texting my daughter on facebook, who has a bachelor of Engineer from Toledo University, I hit a camera link on facebook and it opened a window and there was my daughter and my favorite grandson right before my eyes.  They live in Ann Arbor Michigan and I live in Toledo Ohio.  Boy it was so easy and it took us some time to get the voices but how much fun is that.  It is so exciting to be part of this tecnology.  Just think, to be able to see and hear our loved ones. 
I know this is has been around for awhile, but it was so easy to do with facebook.

What have I been doing?   This is my mother with her latest great granddaughter, Lilly.  She is 88 and is a wonderful person who has creatively handled all her challenges that life has given her.  I am so blessed to still have her in my life.  I have always felt and told my mother that I would not put them in a nursing home.  That has always been a big fear in her life to be left alone in a nursing home or to go to the "Poor House".  Well, after battling 5th stage Alzeheimer's, my sisters and I have had to make the "very hard" choice to place her into a home.  It has been a heart breaking 2 months.  She is adjusting,  She likes the food, I think she likes having a room mate, She is getting quality and loving care.  She is getting pysical therapy and keeping her mind and body active.  But I am so sad daily and so is she.  She has lost her home, her car, her freedom. 
The last 4 years have brought many challenges.  We took over her bills when they became to hard for her to handle, we worked with Office of Aging with nursing care and home health care. Meals on Wheels provide lunch.  We tried to get her to stop driving, I took her to dr. appts, grocery shopping and beauty shop.  Then I had to take over her medications and make her dinner daily and administer her pills.  It was taking a toll on all of us including the police, who she called weekly because I or my sister was stealing something that she couldn't find. 

We love family as you can see.  My older sister is in the back, along with cousins, aunt and uncles, brother in law and hubby.  I am so glad that we did our best to keep mom as independent as possible the last 4 years.  I wish she would of moved in with me, but she has been bull head and has always said NO.  So I am so thankful for the place she lives now and I pray daily for the wonderful workers who now know my mother too.  It is not perfect, but God has shown the way.  He loved her when she was born to an imperfect family, He loved her when her dad drowned while she was young, He loved her when she married my husband at 17 and through their long marriage and death, and He still loves her now.  God is faithful.