Thursday, August 26, 2010

Simple Life Urban Farmgal

This is a strange year for me.  Some of you know, I closed my consignment shop called "Just for You, Too, in January after a 7 years stint.  Since January I have been trying to figure out what my life's calling is now and how do I pay off my loan from the shop that I took out to make it rich, but ended up making me poor.  Simple living was what I wanted.  Back to gardening, eating healthy, selling on e-bay & getting exersize.  But instead, I have been learning- Learning to accept an angry middle -dementia mother (85), learning to support an end of life Hospice mother-in-law with ALS (78), & learning to help a 86-year old neighbor, whose family have all passed on, who lives in a nursing home.  I am exhusted with dealing with their issues.  Add to that watching my two grandchildren once a week, helping my other daughter with our new grandson and being there for my other children and husband; has left me wanting to run away or get a real job so I can really say No to everybody or, or what?     Who am I, What do I want to do??????
My older and much wiser sister told me this morning that where I am at, right at this moment' is where I am suppose to be.
Just Be,  Be Available, Be Open! 
            I guess like a flower?

Simple Living-Just Be, Just Be Open to the Universe, to Nature, to God's whisper & to my Inner Heart Beat. WAITING!

The book I am reading right now is "Twelve by Twelve - A one-room cabin off the grid & beyond the American Dream" by William Powers.

A book about a 36 year old guy, who is feeling out of sorts with American Living after living and working with the Bolivia People trying to save the rain forest.  He stays in a 12 by 12 shedhome in NC near No Name Creek without electric, gas or water.
New word to add to my vocabulary:  permaculture farming-"the things your grandparents knew and your parents forgot,"   Holistic approach to sustainable landscape, agricultural, and home design.   
I just want to find a place like this to run to.  No phone, No emergencies, No drama, Just CALM!    Imagine my surprise as I thought about this!  

My 10 by 12 creative sancuary!
My fish pond with waterfall!

  Well imagine, to my surprise, that I am doing just that.  My sewing/computer room that I spend most of my time these last 8 months is a 10 by 12.  Even though I live in a suburb, geese & hawks & bats fly over head, my waterfall sounds comes from my small home-made pond filled with 20 or so fish, and even though I don't live in a forest, I have a small garden with 5 large trees on my small square of land.  The river is just a small walk away in which I can kayak in quiet solitude. 
The Mighty Maumee River.

This way of life has been healing for me!   Create, Sew, Paint, Write, Assist, Help, Listen & Just Be Open to what God has for me!
I am one blessed woman!  WAITING-Just Being, Just Open!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hair color Bronze Copper Brown

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Coming up flowers!

A lily for my mother in law!
A hibiscis for Lee!
A Rose of Sharon for my Mom!
August is coming to an end.  The weather is perfect 70-85 degrees.  Slight Breeze, Blue Skies, but soon Fall and Winter will appear.  And thoses are special times of the year too, but I love summer and this one in Northwest Ohio has been very hot, hot, hot.  But I just came back from a short trip to Florida and it is much hotter, humid and plain icky.  Flowers were few there but the were lovely tropical plants with a lot of color.  I love flowers.
Stenciled composition of roses.
Quilted, inked and gold sprinkles applied.  This is my Creative Challengers 2010 project that I am working on, Stay tunes and I will show you the finished project.  I'm not sure as what this will turn out to be.