Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 12, 2008 My Sister's Birthday

It is my Sister's Birthday, yes my baby sister. I love her so much, she doesn't even understand how much I am so glad she has been in my life and has supported me and loved me. She is wonderful. She used to drive me crazy with her head rolling when I slept with her. Our family was so disfunctional with a drunking father and a mother that refused to believe that anything was wrong. Our two older sister ran away and got married, and we were left alone to deal with the destruction. My mother told me the other day that she only stayed to protect us and give us a good life. Well in her eyes it was a great, good life because she had a life that sucks with a prositution mother and her boyfriend wanting her instead of her mother. Her life really suck, how could she love her mother after all of that. But my life and that of my little sister really felt that is was bad with verbal abuse, sometimes physical abuse, and certainly my mother was abused. But life goes on and my kids had a better life, and my mother feels that she gaves us a better life because she stuck with my father, so life goes one. We all do the best we can with what we have. God watches over us and loves us. So Be it.

Friday, May 9, 2008

May 2008

So sweet smelling is the air, full of brillant white dogwoods, purple crabs, yellow forsyethas, tulips and all the wonderful plants of Springs. We are in our new shop since, December 2007 and have been having the time of our life with bring Toledo, Ohio/Maumee, Ohio a fabulous shoppe with consigned items, new items, purchased items from auctions. What a mixture and everyone who stops in is so confused? "Is this new or used?" Happy Surprise; all of the above. Have you see our new website: Check us out. Happy Suprise.
Yes, gas is $3.79 today, Lunch was 9.99, Three people came in wanting them to buy their items. a 1800's canning jar, a full cherrywood bed, three dresses, size 22, and a comment, "Well, what is it you want to take?" No, I do not buy, I consign because I am not willing to risk my hard earn money on things that may or may not sell, No, I do not buy, because you did not buy anything from me, you scratch my back and maybe I'll scratch yours, No, I do not buy your dead husband's clothes nor will I consign them. Men do not buy old suits. Do Real Men wear Suits anyway, now a days? Cherry Bed, maybe, canning jars, no, take it to a antique store and store them there, size 22 dresses, I will consign them, and what do I want to take- THINGS THAT WILL SELL, NEWER ITEMS, COOL ITEMS, THINGS THAT ARE $3,000 BUT THAT I CAN SELL FOR $300. ALWAYS A DEAL, ALWAYS, (Get the fuck out of here, you just spent 25 minutes in my shop, touched everything, and wanted something that was waiting for the glass to come in but was broke and I said when the glass comes in, it will be for $40.00. "oh that will be too much" Well I will sell it now for $20.00. "But the glass is broke????" Get the fuck out of my shop) Love, Chris

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yes, I'm drinking a Busch Beer, not a fan of Pabst. We posted this on e-bay and it only sold for $8.00 I purchased it through an auction for $10. That is not the only problem, DH is laid off and is in the shop daily. He argures with me on what I put things on sale and how can I mark this price down then he goes and sells mismarked shoes by the new employee that said $1.50 for white wallet that was priced $25.00 for $9.00 because he could get off his lazy butt to look where the customer got the shoes at (in the new Ann Taylor box that says the consigner paid $135.00 for them), or look the item up in the software program, or ask me about it who was in my office 5 steps away. He was so proud of himself for getting $9.00 for a pair of shoes. Loser! With a BIG L on his forhead.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just Little OLD ME!

WITH A BIG OLD WHALES' TALE, Have you see one in person, I haven't, it is on my list of "What to do before I die" List. or 'THE BUCKET LIST" The other stuff is to see the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Alaska, Hong Kong, Australia, Paris, London, California, Las Vagas, and maybe swimming with the manatee's. Hopefully I can do this when I go down to Florida on the 25th. So short is life, and so much to do. Have more grandkids, hurry up kids, have move greatgrand kids, hurry up grandkids, Life is really so short.
Splash like a whale's tale, Splash like like you mean it, splash like it will produce a wave. Go for it.