Monday, June 13, 2016


Two Human Emotions. 
 Pick the one you want your life to live through. 
How do you do this? 
 Sometimes it is very hard,
 You see someone do something that you don't like?,
 An event happens that makes you want to fight back, 
 A person hurts you to your very core and you want to hurt back, 
 You feel worthless, you want to hurt back.  
Your life has no meaning, you want it to mean something.  
Life hits you with a bad episode of life? You feel helpless? 


Some say, "Don't sweat the small stuff and it is all small stuff"
Some say, "Pray and God will change your heart"
Some say, "Fast, Get down on your knees and look to Allah" 
Some say, "Give your heart to Jesus, He paid the price for our sins"
Some say, "Make your self happy anyway you want"
Some say "Go out and buy a gun and kill"
Some say " Calm yourself and meditate, Center you mind"
Some say" Hey he hurt me, my family or doesn't something I don't like,  I will get them back"
Some say, "My life don't matter, so what"
Some say, " They did that to me, I will love them no matter what?  It may not change them but it will change my heart and Love conquers all." That's what I say!

What do you say?

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