Saturday, May 17, 2014

Road Trip Continued. Come along. Nashville and Paducah

Thomas Green Ryman.  Nashville, TN   Many pictures did not upload during our trip.  Even though we had wireless at every motel, pictures didn't upload in many areas.  This is the only on that uploaded from Nashville.  This is in front of the Ryman museum where there are wonderful country concerts and many country stars are preforming there over the years.  It was original a church.
We also enjoyed many other places in Nashville.  I will go there again in a heartbeat.  It is only about 5/6 hours away for us.  We heard many up and coming stars in the many bars on  Bourbon Street, many drunk ladies singing and dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly. (I did not get up there).  We loved Johnny Cash museum and stood on the stage at Grand Ole Opry right where Johnny Cash stood.  Joe was so excited. I think he got a little of Johnny Cash's sexiness.  And of course, just walking down Bourbon Street, Broadway and others filled with bars, stores, restaurants, one right after another with music, aromas and drinking.  It was fun day and night.  I felt safe there, Police, cameras, fire department was all around making sure nobody got out of hand.  I want to buy cowgirl boots and a hat, but alas, $500 boots just don't make "cents". There is a little Blues there also, BB King has a place. .
Also there are apps in most large cities now that you upload on your phone and they tell you what to see, how much it costs, times open, etc.
Next Stop- Paducah, Ky. Quilt Show.
 The Quilt Museum

I took classes at the quilt show and this is what I made.

 Ricky Tims, is a male quilt maker, piano and flute player.  Joe and I enjoyed his show very much.  He is so entertaining with his stories. (I think Joe wants to make quilts now)

As you can tell I am drawn to the Fiber art type of quilting. (non traditional) 

 The highlight of my trip is meeting Alex Anderson of "The Quilt Show"  She is so genuinely nice.

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